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Hi, I’m Albert Bates and since March 2020 I’ve been writing this blog from a thatch palapa in a Mexican nature preserve. In the past, you might have been found me in my octagonal 2-room house at The Farm in Tennessee but times have changed and I am self-quarantining until it is safe to come out. If you subscribe you get full access to the e-mailed newsletter and more. Never miss an update.

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I have the solution to climate change and am working on solutions to many other big problems. As I go, I am writing books, attending conferences, and jawboning with big wigs to get the latest intel as quickly as I can. I only hope it is not too late. You can read about this is in some of my books: Climate in Crisis, The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook, Dark Side of the Ocean, Plagued: Surviving a Modern Pandemic, Making Waves, Taming Plastics, The Biochar Solution, Pour Evian on Your Radishes, The Paris Agreement, and Burn: Using Fire to Cool the Earth. I blog weekly at The Great Change — every Sunday morning. I occasionally write for magazines and journals or post to YouTube. I'll have several books coming out in 2022, including more for children. But if you haven't read it yet, it is Burn that promises to be the real game changer.

I have more books and articles in the pipeline. I am delivering papers and video keynotes at scientific conferences. I am giving workshops and doing interviews, master classes and webinars. I am offering real solutions, not magical thinking. Keep up and learn what I learn. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

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Albert Bates
Permaculturist inventor and author of 20 books, including Biochar Solution, Burn, Plagued, Making Waves, Taming Plastic & The Paris Agreement. CO2@birth: 310.4