What if the transition to renewables fails?
Can we build out renewable energy fast enough to avoid some nasty tipping points?
No one has solved the McPherson Paradox because it cannot be hacked. The only solution is doing something completely counterintuitive.
Cooking with firewood and domesticating plants and animals changed Earth’s climate
The model proposed by Hansen reveals ten degrees of heating is already baked into Earth’s surface temperature, but has been masked by aerosol cooling

December 2022

When you have two competing narratives, each hermetically sealed and intractable, about all you can do is live by your own best lights
Today, 90 percent of Earth’s animal biomass is in the eight billion people on the Earth and their cows, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats and goldfish.
Biodiversity COP15 runs from December 7 to 19 in Montreal.
We grab the tail of the evolutionary tiger at our peril.

November 2022

Magnify the power of vox populi by 8 billion and what do you get?
The camel's nose is in the tent
As the nations of the world meet in Sharm el-Sheikh to tackle the climate conundrum, the root causes are, for the most part, off the table.