And are our conceptions of rights doomed by their own success?
Peril and politics in the US following the rightward shift in Sweden
Forests are the largest terrestrial carbon sink for the planet, both from the production of tree biomass and soil carbon storage
There is no economic metric that can completely describe the current scale of change
In the first two decades of this century, we moved up to perhaps the halfway point where the curve of climate chaos has begun more noticeably to ascend.
“So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.”
The best carbon dioxide removal technology may be one you least expect.
We need to keep our toxic genes from disuniting and destroying us
Five hundred years ago, the fortuitous combination of agroforestry and aquaculture was unbeatable.
Gaia is running a fever. She is building antibodies to attack the virus that is attacking her. She will survive. We may not.
Covid, climate and war migrants have validated the “ecovillages-as-lifeboats” metaphor.
The US per capita carbon footprint is 18 tons. It needs to drop to two.