Sitemap - 2022 - The Great Change

Professor Cobblepot’s Marvelous Final Engagement in the Freeverse Theater State

Who is the Sam Bankman-Fried of the Biodiversity Loss Space?

The Noisy Winter before the Silent Spring

The Heroic Gene

Twitter's Opposing Narratives

“Check Please?” at COP27

Revisiting the Aunt in the Attic

A Confabulation of Reports

Dooming COP27, Part III: Lines in the Sand

The Achilles Heel of COP 27, Part II: Loss and Damage

Forecast: Perfect Storm in Egypt, Part I

Is the USA Kneecapping China?

Should Internet be a Human Right?

Will the 2022 election be at the pump?

Can trees beat machines?

Reversing the Curve

Compound Disinterest

Broken Fragments of Antique Legends

Teenagers on Summer Break Earning Money Saving the Planet

Detox Tribalism

Building a Chinampa

Conspiracy or Serendipity: Covid in an Age of Ignorance

Tempest Tossed Covid

The Strategic Inflation of Joe Biden

The Expectations Barrier

Biochar from Bamboo

The view from the half century

Return of the Wampum

Losing the Peace: The Beaded Blockchain of Kahionni

The First NFTs Pre-existed the United States

Upending Settled Expectations

The Doubt Club, Social Media and Catastrophic Risk

Amplification Loops on Fault Lines

Edward Bernays’ Red Pill

Musk on Mars

Witch-hunting with Jesús

Climate's Red Forest

The Age of Climate Limits

Sevareid’s Law: A Neo-Luddite Manifesto

A Human Tsunami

The Green Road

The Great Pause Week 104: How the 2020 Pandemic will end

The Great Pause Week 103: Son of Covid

The Great Pause Week 102: Testing

The Great Pause Week 101: Origins of Covid

The Great Pause Week 100: Covid in 20/20 Hindsight

The Great Pause Week 99: Hamster Wheel Futures

The Great Pause Week 98: Thich Nhất Hạnh (1926-2022)

The Great Pause Week 97: BitCoinomics in Kazakhstan

The Great Pause Week 96: Eight Climate Goals for the Next 8 Years

The Great Pause Week 95: Our 2021 Report Card