Many people think that we followed the buffalo, when in fact the buffalo followed us.
The spells don’t work on minor wizards.
Pandemic Box Score: China 4, USA 1
Gaia is no dummy. She is in the process of shifting from supporting humanity to killing it off.
ESG, they are coming for you
The model proposed by Hansen reveals ten degrees of heating is already baked into Earth’s surface temperature, but has been masked by aerosol cooling
The best carbon dioxide removal technology may be one you least expect.
What if the transition to renewables fails?
Unfracking is a method of plugging orphan wells using biochar.
Can we build out renewable energy fast enough to avoid some nasty tipping points?
When you have two competing narratives, each hermetically sealed and intractable, about all you can do is live by your own best lights
No one has solved the McPherson Paradox because it cannot be hacked. The only solution is doing something completely counterintuitive.