Sitemap - 2023 - The Great Change

Why do we do we love our dogs, even while they are slowly killing us?

Is your best friend your dog? Really?

The Tradeshow at the End of the World

The Black Mark on COP28 is not what you think

Holes in COP 28

The Penguin Returns

Striving for Expansion

Giving Up The Gun

The Shogun’s Choice

A ChatBot walked into a Bar…

Barbarians at the Border

Miss Hottest September Ever

If a Kelp Falls in the Forest and No One Hears…

Ecovillage Response to the Climate Emergency

Comic Book Billionaire Accelerates Earth’s Demise to Populate Mars

Muddling Our Way to Earth 2.0

Cool City Design: Stockholm’s Urban Forest Experiment

My New 12 Trillion-dollar Annual Budget

Drey’s Challenge

Missing the Ecosystems for the Trees

Peak Carbon

Thinking in Wholes

Upending the Climate Hockey Stick

Debunking Climate Activist Prebunk

Peter Minuit and the Gift Economy

Ecosystem Restoration in Lower Manhattan

Black Step Deux: The Biochar Academy

The Black Step: The Biochar Academy Debut

Eulogy for the Unabomber

Dammed Nukes

The Holy Ghost in the Machine

Superorganism Intelligence, Nuclear Power and the Metacrisis of Wisdom

Dark Comedy in the Red Forest

Algorithmic News in Fits

Where is the Gray Champion?


Extrapolations, unextrapolated

Redesigning for Cultural Sustainability

[Deadline Approaching] We can't let climate catastrophe define our future

Handing Handles to Vandals

The Sound of One Bat Flapping: from Echolocation to Songwriting

The Talosian Origins of the Reality Distortion Field and Tucker Carlson

First Principles: Learning from Buffalo

Jennifer Granholm was Pwned

Plugging a hole to the sky

Tree versus Tree

Gaia’s Way Out

Who ya gonna call? Greenbusters!

Encountering Discontinuity on a Down Escalator

Foggy Forecasts for Clean Energy Futures

Kobayashi Maru Aerosols

Neanderthal Tartar and the Anthropocene

A Science Bomb Cyclone for the New Year